I live in Providence, RI.

I read a lot of books, drink a lot of coffee & take a lot of notes. 

I am the founder of Level Exchange.

I consult, tour & execute ideas with George Watsky.

I listen to a lot of music & a lot of podcasts. 

I used to be a photographer, now I just stick to Instagram.

I love connecting to people and connecting other people.

I believe that art is a business and business is an art. 




Warwick, RI - Born 

1993 - 2007

All the learning, all the mistakes, started becoming a relatively competent human being (debatable). 


Began interning at The Warwick Beacon as a photographer.


Graduated from Pilgrim High School - Warwick, RI

Uber nerdy, i.e, National Honors Society President, swim team, yearbook, graduated top 10 and worked at LifeTouch Portrait Studios, CVS, Warwick Beacon and Chuck E. Cheese (yes, I did have to rock the mouse costume).


Spent the year and most of my parent's money discovering I didn't want to be a fine art photographer at The Delaware College of Art and Design, but did meet some awesome folks, featured in this book. Realized photography was more about the people than the process. 



Somehow, still not sure how, ended up at Bryant University in Smithfield, RI. College consisted of an absurd amount of time in the academic center studying for math and the crew team, yes, voluntary 4:30AM alarms. Continued the uber nerdy-ness of staying on the Dean's list (most of the time) and joining as many clubs & organizations as possible.


Studied abroad through ISA in Chile - would strongly recommend more knowledge of the Spanish language than "hola." But, this did lead me to the realization that music is an international language we can use to get the world talking. While in Chile, met Philip Terry, a rapper who performed under the title, Do Your Dance (D.Y.D). In Chile, the arts culture was cherished and supported while the artists themselves were not only adored but appreciated. While the general public in the United States may feel similarly, members of the industry that the artists face simply do not. Quickly found that booking gigs was no longer as simple as making a phone call like it was during study abroad. Learned quickly that, in North America, rather than getting paid, artists often had to pay to play. Even at small venues! Having seen how arts are treated in other cultures, this system blew my mind. This sparked the birth of the new D.Y.D: a joint entrepreneurial venture with Phil. The company’s purpose was to provide opportunities for artists to follow their passion and share their stories in an industry that better served everyone besides the actual artist.


Emailed Kevin Morrow an embarrassing number of times to learn about music management & his work with George Watsky. Snuck into House of Blues, Boston to talk (stalk) to Kevin further.


Hosted our first music showcase at Olive's (no longer in existence) in Providence, RI. 7 bands, 75 people and no sound guy.

D.Y.D transitioned back to a hip hop group and I, still pissed off about the state of the music industry, created Level Exchange and received a scholarship to operate out of the Social Enterprise Greenhouse

Won Bryant University's New Venture Competition and got to hold a big fake check for $8K. Big win at the time considering there was nowhere near that much money in our bank account.

First Fair Trade Artist showcase at the Met in Pawtucket, RI. 6 bands, 120 people AND a sound guy. Collaborated with Mike Maven & Aubrey Mable for the first time. 



 Graduated Social Enterprise Greenhouse's  accelerator program coached by Alan Harlam.

Started working with George Watsky to execute on any/all seemingly crazy ideas - I guess "persistence" (annoyance) of Kevin paid off.

Thought Level Exchange was going to be this (see video below): 



As cool as pop up DIY shows were, we realized Level Exchange is more than that and we are opening Rhode Island's first Content Creation Studio. 



We're moving into Pawtucket.

LX One Pager.jpg


No musicians were harmed in the making of these shows. 

Please click for more information.


Who said that?


"Level Exchange and its chief Lindsey Lerner worked with the PVDFest team to create opportunity for local music during PVDFest Sunday and I want to say a big THANK YOU! 

She worked independently and with an incredible positive energy. In the chaos of getting Saturday off the ground, I did not spend enough time thanking and promoting Level Exchange for the great work Lindsey is doing for the music scene. Please check out these shows, they are an important part of PVDFest and what we are trying to do, in broadening opportunity for local artists.

Lindsey Lerner is one to look out for, and I am looking forward to more collaboration. 

Thanks again, Level Exchange!


Your friends at ACT

City of PVD | Office of Arts Culture & Tourism"


"Lindsey is a legend. She is passionate about what she does and does it well. In the case of Farmer Willie's, Lindsey set us up with events she was organizing for her own start-up, Level Exchange (which is awesome), and repped us at any event she was managing. This is how a company likes ours grows with a strong, knowledgeable customer base - word-of-mouth is so important because its genuine & Lindsey understood that and made it happen. But she's also got grit - which is an amazing & underestimated quality. We need to can our product at the production facility, she's happy to help. Need a last-minute person for a tasting, Lindsey is down if she isn't already killing it for another brand. A team player & a genuinely passionate and lovely person. Lindsey is a true, multi-faceted legend."

Max Easton | Co-Founder 


“Lindsey is amazing to work with. Not only is she a beautiful human being, but she is also extremely professional and a master at multi-tasking.  I had the privilege of playing a music show in Providence that she organized and I was amazing at how smoothly the entire event ran.  Lindsey remained in control, positive and enthusiastic.  Her energy is infectious and anyone would be lucky to get the chance to work with her.”

Shannon Corey

“At Bryant University Lindsey Lerner learned skills needed to conduct ethnographic research, understand diverse populations, and critically examine difficult problems. Her work allowed her to better observe the world around, work with a wide range of people, and understand cultural issues that can arise both in research and in daily life. She developed skills in interviewing, observation, analysis, and synthesis, as well as coming to comprehend biases that emerge in research. These skills and approaches impacted her engagement with the world around her through making her better able to find ways to understand different points of view or find solutions to challenging problems. They also helped her to keep track of the observations she made so that she could better assess the changing situations that may arise in her work.”

Alex Perullo | Head of Global Studies @ Bryant University

“I met Lindsey during an interview for a story I was writing while working as a reporter for the Warwick Beacon newspaper in Warwick, R.I. Upon meeting her, her energy and enthusiasm were apparent right off the bat. Since then, I’ve had the privilege to attend many of the Level Exchange events she organized, and even had the opportunity to collaborate with her on an additional project. Partnering with her allowed me to witness her tenacious work ethic and attention to detail. Fueled by her passion for the city of Providence, R.I. and a desire to see it thrive, she’s never wavered in her effort to make a positive, impactful difference.”

Matt Bower | Copywriter for Providence Business News

“Lindsey Lerner is one of the most motivated, hard working people I’ve ever met. Most creative people have the talent, but many lack the drive. Lindsey prides herself on thinking of new and innovative ways to solve problems, and she never backs down from a challenge. She has connected hundreds of musicians, businesses and artists, thus creating thriving networks of people who can take advantage of much-needed mutually beneficial relationships. As a musician, I recognize the need for good, creative networking. When people ask me if I know someone, Lindsey’s name is usually the first one that pops into my head. “Lindsey will find someone for you,” is a statement I have said on more than one occasion. I have seen Lindsey get nervous, and I have seen her afraid that she bit off more than she could chew by taking on a newer, riskier endeavor. But she always prevails, and she never backs down. Lindsey is a bold creative force, and I know she will work harder than anyone I know to achieve any goal set in front of her.”

Jen Janet | Singer/songwriter and vocalist of hard rock band, Blind Revision

Lindsey Lerner and her colleagues at Level Exchange are not only competent, but they are willing to be flexible as well. When I came to them with a request for assistance with the promotion of my piece Queen Boudicca a Metal Opera at the RISD Auditorium last year we were able to put together a compelling publicity effort. Lindsey and her associates, at my request, secured an interview in the Providence Journal, an article in Motif magazine, performances at two separate Waterfire events in Providence, Radio spots on WHJY, as well as employing her street teams at the area Colleges, and other Metal themed events in the vicinity. Lindsey and the others at Level Exchange take their commitment to their clients seriously!

Bob Schlink | Creator, Queen Boudicca Metal Opera / Berklee Professor 


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